Digilogic’s Communication Tester is a modular, COTS, multifunction, programmable, benchtop Automated Test System (ATS) that supports a wide range of real-time RF and microwave stimulus, Test and Measurement (T&M) applications. Featuring a unique, real-time modular Software Defined architecture, intuitive touch screen interface and industry leading programmability, one system can replace over a dozen “boxed” T&M Instruments and test system components to significantly reduce T&M system Size, Weight, Power and Total Cost of Ownership, while dramatically improving measurement throughput.

Developed in collaboration with National Instruments, this system seamlessly supports applications from 250 kHz to 6 GHz with “in-the-box” upgrades that can extend the measurement upto 26.5 GHz frequency range.

  • Ergonomic, Touch Screen Interface with Primary and Auxiliary HD Display Support
  • Windows7 64-bit Operating System
  • RF Vector Signal Generator (VSG)
  • RF Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA)
  • RF Power Meter
  • 2-Channel High Speed Oscilloscope
  • Bit Error Rate Tester
  • Integrated Communication Tester with RF Receiver and Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Mod/Demod and Audio Functions
  • 2-Channel Audio Analyzer
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Digital Multi-Meter (DMM)
  • Standard VISA TCP/IP-Based Remote Interface
  • Unit Under Test (UUT) Control App
  • Optional Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
  • Optional RF Step Attenuator
  • Optional 26.5 GHz VSA
  • Optional High Density UUT Interface

Transmitter Parameter:

Frequency Error, Carrier Power, Power Consumption, Modulation Depth, Modulation Distortion, Incidental AM/FM, Side tone Output, Side tone Distortion, Modulation Response, Side tone Response, CNR, Harmonic/Spurious Rejection

Receiver Parameters:

SNR, Audio Output Power, Squelch Cut in, Squelch Isolation, Squelch Hysteresis, Dynamic Range, Audio Distortion, Audio Response, AGC, Adjacent Channel rejection, IF Rejection, Image Rejection, Selectivity.

Integrated Controller:

Processor: 2.6 GHz quad-core Intel i7


System Bandwidth: Up to 8 GB/s

Peripherals available: 2 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 USB 3.0,

4 USB 2.0,

ExpressCard (optional)

RF Vector Signal Generator:

Frequency Range: 250 kHz to 2.7 GHz – Upgradable upto 6.6 GHz

Bandwidth: 20 MHz – Upgradable upto 1 GHz

Output Power: -145 to +10 dBm

RF Vector Signal Analyzer:

Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 2.7 GHz

  • Upgradable upto 26.5 GHz

Bandwidth: 20 MHz – Upgradable upto 1 GHz

Standard Internal Real-Time Mod/Demods:

  • Analog Mod/Demod: AM, FM, PM, SSB
  • Digital Mod/Demod: BPSK, QPSK/OQPSK,

MSK/GMSK, FSK 2/4/8/16/32/64, PSK 4/8/16/32/64,

QAM 16/32/64/128/256 & ASK 2/4/8/16/32/64

SFDR: > 80 dB

Input Power Range:

RF Power Meter:

Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 18 GHz

Power Range: -40 to +20 dBm

Triggering: Hardware and software triggering

Linearity: <±0.18 dB

Typical Power Consumption: 150 Ma

High Speed Oscilloscope:

Sampling Rate: Max 2.5 GS/s

ADC Resolution: 10 bits

Bandwidth: 500 MHz

Input Impedance: 50 Ω or 1 MΩ SW selectable

Bit Error Rate Tester:

  • BER Tester Module
  • BER Pattern Generator Module
  • BER Pattern Receiver Module

Audio Analyzer:

Audio parameter analysis:

Amplitude: Vpp, Vrms, watt, dBu, dBm, dBV, dB reference

Frequency: Hertz, frequency to reference ratio, frequency difference to reference, cent, octs, decs

Distortion: THD, THD + Noise, SINAD, IMD

Channel difference analysis

Channel to channel (crosstalk) dB:

Phase lag

Arbitrary Waveform Generator:

No. Of channels: 2

Resolution: 16 bit

Sampling Rate: 400MS/s

Waveform types: Arbitrary, I/Q, Intermediate Frequency, RF, Standard Functions

Spurious Free Dynamic Range: 73dB

Average noise density: -160 dBm/Hz

On board memory: 512MB

Digital Multi-Meter:

ADC resolution: 7 ½ Digit

Voltage measurements: From ±10 nV to 1000 VDC (700 VAC) DC Current Ranges: 8 DC current ranges with sensitivity down to 1 pA

Resistance Measurements: From 10 μΩ to 5 GΩ

Common-Mode Isolation: ±500 VDC/Vrms

Isolated Digitizer: 1.8 MS/s isolated, 1000 V waveform acquisition

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