Cable Harness Tester

We offer a full turnkey solution to all harness testing and cable testing requirements, not only the supply of Test Hardware but the development of Test Software and Hardware Interfaces customized to our client's application.

Digilogic Cable Harness Testers are fast, accurate and easy to use. It is being designed using the latest available technologies to provide a flexible and adaptable product line that meets the changing needs of wire harness manufacturers.

Our modern developing capabilities assure that our products are not only made on time and at the best price but also satisfy client’s specific requirements.

Technical Specifications:


Continuity: 1 Ω - 100 Ω (±1 Ω), 100 Ω - 500 K Ω (±1 Ω, ±1%), 500 K Ω - 2 M Ω (±5%)

Shorts: 1 K Ω - 2 M Ω (± 20%)


Diodes: Checks for proper orientation

Resistors: 1 Ω - 100 Ω (±1 Ω), 100 Ω - 500 K Ω (±1 Ω, ±1%), 500 K Ω - 2 M Ω (±5%)

Capacitors: 100pF to 500uF (± 5% to 20% based on capacitor type, ±10pF)

4-wire Mode

.005 Ω - 100 Ω (± .005 Ω, ± 1%)

Test Voltage

14 VDC maximum (Automatically selected)

Test Current

5 mA DC maximum (Automatically selected)



Insulation Resistance:


Voltage Range

50-1000 VAC

Insulation Resistance Range

5 M Ω - 1 G Ω (± 10%)

Control Interface

Connectivity with PC/Laptop

Test Point Capacity

64-1024 test points


Around 10 kgs

Operating Temperature



Ordering Information:

Part Number: DSPL-CHT-XXXX

XXXX - No of Test Points


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